November 28, 2018


Funky Pie

The mid-week edition of The Armstrong & Getty Show begins with a plea, a failure and a sense of self-discipline (really a flit of self-discipline), followed by Jack's thoughts on the mission to Mars, Joe's Mailbag and more!


A Talented and Tortured Dude

We were sorry to learn that former Armstrong & Getty executive producer Dominick Brascia passed away this week. Jack & Joe talk about their relationship with Dominick and how it ended. Plus, speculation as to why we're a doomed--DOOMED!


A Normal Childhood

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe remember their former exec producer, Dominick with a classic moment from A&G history. Plus, reporter Carolyn Johnson joins the show to discuss the bonkers story about a Chinese researcher who spliced human genes. And, reporter Aaron Blakes talks about the Trump/WaPo interview.


Deeply Unscrupulous People

Paul Manafort may or may not spend a lot more time in prison--Armstrong & Getty turn to The Weekly Standard's Andrew Egger to help illuminate the situation. Plus, Jack's eldest son proves that he's a stand-out!