November 02, 2018


Just Like Ross

Joe Getty, Positive Sean, Marshall Phillips and Michaelangelo hold-down-the-fort in the absence of Jack in this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Is it the flu, or an epic off-air fight that lead to Jack being away from the show??


Mr. Woo & Mr. Tang

During this episode of A&G, Joe talks about Chinese spies, problems in Pakistan, Google's weepy culture, and Jaron Lanier's warning about social media.


Abuse of the Bell

Joining Joe for this episode of Armstrong & Getty is reporter Taylor Telford with details on the huge Google walkout. Plus, podcast guest Matt Rosenberg is featured for a segment. And, Michaelangelo faces a serious accusation!


The Style of the Day

This is perhaps one of the more morbid episodes of Armstrong & Getty. Yesterday's story about an actor who cut off his own arm inspired another tragic chainsaw story, and the question "how'd he do it?" Plus, fact-checking our President, The Petering Out and Final Thoughts!