November 01, 2018


We're Inventing Fears!

Halloween is over, and Jack & Joe review the revelry from last night--including the costumes worn by Jack's sons. Were they too hot for his very liberal neighborhood?


Pie Partisanship

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe discuss voter turnout before veering into a far more important conversation about portion size (did you really need that giant pumpkin pie??). Plus, the Harry Reid flip/flop on immigration policy.


Daycare Fight Club

They just needed to burn-off a little extra energy! You may have seen the video at pair of daycare workers started a Fight Club--reporter Ryan Burrows has the details. Plus, a pair of CA Congressional candidates spar over debate notes on hot mics!


Won't Get Fooled Again!

Within this episode of A&G, Joe discussed an old CA landmark that may go through a name change. Plus, Pete Townshend--validated again! Marshall has the headlines and the entire crew brings their Final Thoughts!