October 09, 2018


The Wrap-Up Smear

This episode of A&G includes voice activated devices, Israeli basketball, compassion, Taylor Swift, some degree of mocking, thoughts on being happy and Nancy Pelosi's explanation of a political strategy.


That'll Make Ya Happy!

Happiness and Ken Starr are the features of this episode of A&G. Plus, Sheri Preston joins us to talk about Facebook's new in-home camera system, which is nothing like system used by Big Brother in 1984.


If Belief Was Based on Feeling

On this episode of A&G, Joe reads an op-ed (written by Kelsey Kurtinitis) titled "I Am A Sexual Assault Survivor, and I Don't Want You to Just Take My Word For It." Plus, Jack has the top 3 safest cars and Education for the Future!


A Betrayal of Art

During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe tackle the DMV, the deadly NY limo crash, filth on the streets of SF and why Jack won't use a stencil to create a Jack-O-Lantern.