October 05, 2018


Rugged & Suave

The first edition of Friday's Armstrong & Getty podcast waits patiently while members of the Senate get ready for their cloture vote. Meanwhile, Jack & Joe discuss the appropriate steps to take during a Positive Sean sighting, the value of the campaigning on the economy, Trump's MN rally and short writers.


The Cloture Vote

We await the cloture vote during this episode of A&G. While Senate leaders offer their statements on the Kavanaugh confirmation, Jack & Joe sum-up the insanity that has surrounded the confirmation process.


I Love Apple Picking, Too!

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe offer-up a new Joke-Off (which late night comic will prevail?). Plus, millennials have now officially taken over, and we're learning more about their view on our country (socialism anyone??). Plus, wind power is bad, VR gets really crazy.


A Caller????

There was a rather strange occurrence on this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Somehow, a listener managed to get on the air--AS A CALLER! This very rare event has been captured for your entertainment purposes--enjoy! Plus, we have a fresh COW, News, the Petering Our & Final Thoughts.