October 04, 2018


Teaching Kids the Classics

This episode kicks off our Thursday with recognition of a national holiday, a discussion on the value of teaching kids important lessons, Russian Hacking, no whiff of sex and Joe's new hero.


Two Mini Donkeys

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Joe laments the national debt. Jack talks about a nearby Cat Cafe. There's a question about the Citizenship Test--are we getting punked? And, reporter Ryan Burrow has the details on new airline regulations.


God Bless Trump

Within this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe talk about a new NYT op-ed proclaims "God Bless Trump". Plus, why didn't everyone receive the Presidential emergency test text--Joe has his reaction. Plus, we have highlights from our Mike Rogers podcast. And, our public parks--time to close them all?


A Blow to My Eagle

An amazing amount of ground is covered during this episode of Armstrong & Getty, including: a professor who aimed at provoking Tucker Carlson (and paid for it), 2 swing votes in the Kavanaugh saga confirm their satisfaction with the FBI investigation and both Jack & Positive Sean have had ghosting experiences!