October 30, 2018


Surfing the Wave

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe (along with Positive Sean, Marshall Phillips and Michaelangelo) surf through the day's events, including a few more thoughts on President Trump's citizenship proposal, Tuna Can Stripper, Clay Thompson's record setting night and why we're at a tipping point


The Moment Met the Man

This is not your generic blah blah blah about Leadership. That topic is the focus of a big chunk of this episode of Armstrong & Getty, featuring our guest--General Stanley McChrystal. Plus, will Hillary run in 2020?


Political Sex Dreams

Political dreamers...of the naughty kind. Armstrong & Getty examine the origins of sexy-time dreams--did you know that Dems and GOP'ers dream differently--yep! Plus, a constitutional expert explains why Trump's citizenship proposal is simply...a faithful application of the law.


It Was Supposed to be the Big Kahuna

Long-time friend of A&G, Gary Dietrich (nonpartisan political analyst) joins Jack & Joe to talk about CA's various props on Tuesday's ballot. Plus, Marshall has the latest news and of course there's Final Thoughts!