October 03, 2018


Out of the Woodwork!

Our broadcast day, represented within this fine episode of the A&G Daily Podcast, begins with a creepy guy in an elevator, TV history, painkillers, mocking and guys who don't finish beers. Plus, there's Jack & Joe's thoughts on Jeff Flake.


Pushing the Boundaries

Did President Trump push the boundaries of tax law? Our tax attorney, Steve Moskowitz, joins A&G to analyze the Trump Family tax situation. Plus, Joe "Clears His Tabs" with Louis CK. And, why some are laughing at the notion of an FBI report.


The Threat to Gimme Culture

During this episode of A&G, Jack & Joe are joined by former FBI Agent, former D-A, and former US Attorney Joe Russoniello to discuss the Kavanaugh investigation. Plus, there's a major problem in acedemia--a lot of published studies are fake! FAKE!


Fake Fake Fake!

Joe has more of the fake study story during this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Plus, there's a new Pew poll on Trump, scandals, fast food and fake racism? Plus, Final Thoughts!