October 29, 2018


A Layer Cake of Crazy

Armstrong & Getty's new week begins with details about the crazy pipe bomber. Plus, Joe has a full Mailbag, Marshall starts us off with the day's headlines and there's a chunk of division for good measure


Who's To Blame?

The Catholic Church continues to face a sexual allegations, with Buffalo being the latest diocese under pressure to address abuse. Jack & Joe tackle the scandal during this episode of Armstrong & Getty. Plus, Seattle's minimum wage--how'd that turn out?


Bring The Temp Down

Can our country recover? Who's responsible for our dark turn? Armstrong & Getty devote this podcast to that topic, helped-along with Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institution.


No Tech for Kids

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, Jack & Joe discuss the growing trend of tech parents--who don't want their kids to use tech! Plus, there's more on the crazy pipe bomber, the migrant caravan and more!