October 22, 2018


A Funny Thing Happened At Work

We launch a new work-week on Armstrong & Getty with a disagreement, one that lead to some work-place violence (but seems completely normal, right??). Jack & Joe recover quickly to discuss MBS and the Caravan.


Throwing Stuff!

In this episode of A&G, Joe has a list of differences between the sexes. Plus, Caravan from Honduras continues to grow as it makes its way to the US border. And Jack has more on the Khashoggi situation.


He Made America Great--Bingo!

David Drucker (Washington Examiner, CNN) joins A&G for this episode to talk about the midterm election. Plus, Marshall has the headlines--including Elon's test tunnel and the big fight that took place at the Lakers' game.


Another Red Headed Royal?

This episode of A&G WILL NOT include a lengthy discussion regarding the possibility of another red-headed royal. Instead, we'll offer up a Tech worker/Taliban/#memoo (yes, Moo) stew sure to turn your Monday into Funday (oh geez). Just listen!