October 11, 2018


An Old-Fashioned Back-Slapping Spy

During this episode of Armstrong & Getty, history is made (via PS & MP)...Joe brings us a rich, bountiful Mailbag...Marshall's news if full of scintillating stories that you should not miss, and reporter Ryan Burrow has details on the Chinese national who targeted us aviation companies.


US Intel Implicates Saudis

WaPo reporter Shane Harris joins A&G to discuss his report in which US Intelligence reveals a Saudi plan to bring journalist Jamal Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia.


ISIS Isn't Giving Out Participation Trophies!

This episode of A&G includes a major tax for parking your car (sorry). Plus, Jack details the "grievance study" hoax that has really made life tough for a trio or smart alec academics.


Whoop Whoop!

This episode of Armstrong & Getty is riddled with issues, including certain sounds made by Jack & Joe, a typhus outbreak, Stevie Nick's voice and the reason why Jack can't stop eating cookies! Plus, there's The Petering Out and Final Thoughts.