October 01, 2018


Taking It To A 15 Real Quick!

The week begins with another episode of Armstrong & Getty focused on the Kavanaugh nomination, through the lens of the 44th season debut of SNL. Plus, Joe officiates a wedding and coins a title for our continuing saga...Y-P-W-I.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

This episode of Armstrong & Getty features the most amazing cake recipe--brewed-up by Jack's sons! Plus, we'll have more highlights from SNL's Matt Damon/Kavanaugh cold open.


Reihan Salam and a Cold Civil War

The National Review's Reihan Salam joins Armstrong & Getty to talk about his new book on immigration, "Melting Pot or Civil War". Plus, highlights from Bill Maher's interview with Steve Bannon!


Cauldrons of Controversy!

During this episode of A&G, Joe talks about officiating a wedding--and the demands he made regarding some financial incentives. Plus, President Trump holds a press conference to talk about his new trade agreement--it's loco! Marshall has news and there's Final Thoughts.