April 12, 2017


I Think You Should Get The Red Onions

6 AM - 1 - Joe's on the east coast with the media elites and The Bilderberg Group so more Sean and Vincent talking YAY!; Go Michael, It's yo birfday; Vincent trolled a former co-worker; Opening Thoughts. 2 - Jack has a hot take on the Dutch Bros; MailBag. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - RIP Dave Letterman's mom.


I Don't Need The Armrest I Have My Thighs

7 AM - 1 - Tax attorney Stephen Moskowitz comes on and gives us Tax Day tips. 2 - Spicy Spicer said Hitler didn't use chemical weapons and the stupid media is outraged. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - What can an airline kick you off for?.


I Don't Know What A Pancreas Weighs

8 AM - 1 - "The Price of Obama's Mendacity" re: Syria. 2 - Tim Carney from the Washington Examiner talks Trump and Syria with us. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - RIP J Geils; If you have cancer you will probably lose weight; Dodge has a new super fast car.


You Were Straining To Get To The Knee Part

9 AM - 1 - Washington Post small business columnist Gene Marks on his piece: "More retail stores have closed in 2017 than at the same point in 2008". 2 - Jack pops wheelies in his motorbike. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - ; Final Thoughts.